Strive Centers for Recovery and Community Health

On August 2, 2017, Strive Healthcare and Veterans and First Responders Healthcare opened the doors to their outpatient programs for Veterans dealing with PTSD, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse issues. It was the product of years of hard work and sacrifice by Eric Frieman and Michael Evans of Strive Healthcare and Eric Golnick (CEO) and Dr. Robert L. Pyles MD (Chief Medical Officer) of Veterans and First Responders Healthcare.

Eric Golnick recounted his own traumatic brush with the reality of Suicide when his friend shot himself right in front of Eric. That was the moment Eric decided he had to do something about this tragedy that becomes reality for 22 Veterans every day, rain or shine.

The opening ceremony of the first Strive Center for Recovery and Community Health was attended by the Governor of New Hampshire, who is currently working toward opening a similar program in New Hampshire. Eric Golnick reported they would like to expand to the West Coast and the Houston, Texas, area. A very large concentration of Veterans regularly travel from Beaumont (90 miles away) and Lufkin (100 miles away) for healthcare in Houston. 

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