Memo from The Department of Homeland Security

Memo was seeking ideas on how to find replacements for retiring FEMA staff, and to expand the access of their services to areas that are plagued with natural disasters.
A review of other agencies that comprise the crucial components of our national Infrastructure revealed similar issues, and we can utilize each aspect of those agencies to maximize the effectiveness of those agencies to strengthen the structure of those components.

This memo provided the guidance needed to structure our proposals to Federal, State and Local agencies to strengthen each aspect of the State and Local economies while protecting Americans in the streets of America.

The Federal Business Opportunities website

More than 180 construction contracts open for bid in just the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada, but as the contracts are awarded the list of contracts change to reflect that as well as new contracts are added. The Beyond Valor Entrepreneur Program, would be a great source of contracts for our Veteran Entrepreneurs, to find contracts to strengthen those aspects of our Infrastructure, and validate the feasibility of the Beyond Valor Entrepreneur Program, employing Veterans while generating a Logistical source to complete these contracts from the local businesses.

STEM research

Huge void in America between the number of positions open in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics fields and the number of students pursuing degrees in those areas.


Returning Veterans would be perfect to fill these job openings.

The military is a high-tech machine, and many Veterans are already equipped for jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and math areas.

Many Veterans already have security clearances that would make the employment process for government positions much easier.
Their service duties frequently put Veterans in the position of being responsible for those around them.


​Information -- Becoming informed is the key to Veterans obtaining their goals.

Confidence – Would their military training really apply in a corporate setting.

Training – Veterans may have the job skills needed, but they don’t know how to start a business.

Education – Their military training gave them most of what they need, but there are some gaps. How can they bypass taking a full degree and just take the courses they need.


We have answered the questions and prepared the plan. Now we need you! Tell us where you fit in the Beyond Valor Network. Sign up today so we can match your organization with a Vet.