Corporate Sponsors

Veterans make excellent employees, especially for government entities and companies whose contracts with the federal government require employees with security clearances.

What our team discovered was that Veterans need funds to complete their Master’s and Doctorate degrees in order to continue serving their country working in the STEM fields.

We need Sponsors willing to contribute funds for scholarships. Listed are some ways we envision a Graduate Degree scholarship program working. We would love to hear your ideas for additional program options.

Benefits to the Company

Legacy Beyond Valor considers the Company Mentorship scenario an opportunity for companies to engage with and mold future employees. As a mentor, the company would be able to:

  • Share about their corporate philosophies and what they expect of employees,
  • Explain how their degree will apply to jobs at the company,
  • Offer internship, allowing someone in the company to get to know the Veteran before making a job offer (skills, work ethic, and compatibility with the corporate culture),
  • Hire employees already trained in corporate processes.

Scholarship Suggestions

Company Mentorship Scholarship

Under the Company Mentorship Scholarship, a company would not just financially support a graduate student; they would be encouraged to become actively involved in mentoring “their” student(s) as they complete their education.

The company may choose to:

  • request their scholarship be awarded to students majoring in specific fields (i.e., mechanical engineer) because that is the area the company consistently needs;
  • contact the Veteran(s) studying under their scholarships whenever they like to see how they are doing;
  • allow the Veteran(s) to contact someone within their company if their studies bring up questions;
  • consider offering an internship to Veteran(s) as they complete their studies, and
  • consider making job offers to Veteran(s) when they graduate.

Joint Mentorship Scholarship

The Joint Mentorship Scholarship would work just like the Company Mentorship Scholarship except:

  • The company would combine resources with another company to finance a scholarship offer.
  • Both companies would engage in mentoring the Veteran.
  • The Veteran benefits from mentoring from two potential employers as well as a scholarship.
  • Companies may form a partnership before making an offer; or a company may express interest in the Joint Mentorship Scholarship. Our team will pair you with a company with similar interests.

Financial Contribution Scholarship

  • Sponsors contribute funds in any amount to the general scholarship fund.
  • Your contribution will be combined with those of other Financial Contribution partners.
  • If you are interested in offering internships or accepting job applications from our scholarship recipients, we will connect you with students majoring in the areas you request.