Graduate Degree Scholarship Program

Our Graduate Degree Scholarship Program


The purpose of the Legacy Beyond Valor Graduate Degree Scholarship Program is to help returning Veterans find jobs to support their families while continuing to serve the United States in jobs that improve the U.S. infrastructure.


Higher education is at risk in America. Fewer young Americans  are interested in attending college, and those who would like to attend find they cannot afford tuition. Yes, Veterans can attend college and universities under the current GI Bill; however, even the GI Bill does not assist with Graduate Degree studies.
The number of students choosing higher education is declining


We Need to Support Veterans Pursuing Advanced Degrees

Veterans are the future of America, and they need our help to achieve their place in America’s future.

  • Advanced Skills. Veterans return home with advanced technical skills learned and perfected during their years of service.
  • Characteristics. More important than these skills, they return with personal characteristics any employer would be eager to embrace. These traits include honor, honesty, a team mindset, a strong work ethic, respect, solid decision making and leadership skills, and quick responses.
  • Security Clearance. Veterans have already proven themselves worthy of government security clearances making it easier to update.

Veterans make excellent employees, especially for government entities and companies whose contracts with the federal government require employees with security clearances.


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