The Brain Trust is an annual event bringing the top minds in treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and head trauma together with collaborators from professional sports, private industry, innovators, scientists, caregivers and Veterans. The areas of focus this year include collaborative research, technological and sports innovations. The group’s aim is to identify solutions in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration of victims of head trauma. The VA and Warrior Care Network will both participateRead More
The end of March 2017 marked one more community that has announced the end of Veteran homelessness in their community. The City of Nashua, New Hampshire joined 40+ communities and three states (Connecticut, Delaware, and Virginia) that have reached the goal of finding permanent housing for all of their homeless veterans. The VA launched an initiative to end Veteran homelessness in 2010, and to date 480,000+ homeless veterans across the country have been housed underRead More
If you know a vet or a veteran’s family who needs help, here’s the number to the National Veterans Foundation Lifeline for Vets: 888.777.4443.Read More
The VA is trying to reach out to women veterans to let them know they are eligible for care regardless of where or how long they served. Women can also call the VA’s Women Veterans hotline at 1-855 VA-WOMEN.Read More
suicide prevention
On April 24, 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs introduced a new computer program designed to help identify veterans at-risk for suicide before an emergency arises. It was tested at two VA medical centers and has now been expanded to all VA hospitals across the country. The analytics program studies veterans’ electronic health records to identify factors known to contribute to suicide, i.e., chronic illnesses, financial and social stressors, repeat hospitalizations, life and relationship changes,Read More
  VA Aggressively Implementing Measures to Prevent Suicide Among Veterans Reposted from VAntage, The Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Help spread the word!Read More
I met (via telephone) the President and Founder of this group when I worked as a volunteer for The American Red Cross and we were working a hurricane in northern Florida. Tamara called the hurricane call center to volunteer a group of veterans who lived all around the state to help clean up debris, tarp roofs, or whatever people needed. At the time, I had four disabled veteran families whose homes were flooded, and afterRead More
Blog - Bladesmith - Ridge Runner - Ashton Naylor
Forged in Fire A couple of weeks ago I caught an episode of Forged in Fire on The History Channel. If you haven’t seen this program, it’s a competition between people who make their own knives – modern day bladesmiths. What caught my attention this day was one of the contestants, Kyle Gahagan, mentioned he offered Bladesmith Therapy for disabled veterans and veterans suffering the effects of PTSD at his forge. I was intrigued andRead More
If I could do it over again, I would I’m not ashamed to say that I loved my mom. From childhood through adulthood, she was the one constant in my life. When other kids would pick on me, taunt me, even physically hit me, Mom was the one I could trust to be there for me. As I grew, my relationship with my mom matured, but she was still always there for me. I lovedRead More
Addiction Has a Face
The title should draw the attention of those who can identify with what it’s like to live day in and day out with a mental illness or a chemical dependency. At some time in the life of an addict, a dual diagnosis is more common than not. Moments of Doubt We have all had moments of doubt, and that is when we overcompensate for our insecurity without considering the consequences of our actions. The wordRead More