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You’ve probably walked right past him sleeping on a city bench, ignored by society – alone. Did you ever wonder who he was and what circumstances brought him to the place you’ve found him in? Fortunately for one United States Marine, my brother did. One simple act of kindness, and from this brief encounter, the vision for Beyond Valor emerged.

My brother Ben, called me one day seven years ago to say that he had just started to work as a Welding Shop Foreman, and while setting up the jobs for the day he was informed that their Shop Sweeper, had been taking a bath out of the bathroom sink.

Ben could have chosen to ignore the issue like most people do without blinking an eye, but Ben, was not like most of us because this was one of the employees. Instead, he took the time to talk with the this person to find out more about why, and after learning the homeless man was actually an American hero – a United States Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran – Ben knew he had to get involved. Ben was able to reunite this former soldier with his sister, who then helped her brother file for the benefits he deserved. The home she helped him buy provided him with a sense of worth defining his grasp of the dignity that had kept him from slipping into the Abyss of being just another statistic, but one simple act of kindness from my brother proved to him that someone cared which gave him a way out from under that bench which represented the crack in society he had fallen into.

Beginning that day when he chose to stop and speak to a homeless man, Ben was reminded of his love for our brother Frank, who was also a Marine Vietnam Veteran. As he and I discussed the issues returning servicemen were facing, we had to take a stand, get involved, and help our brothers and sisters who came home from serving their country so broken that they could not take care of themselves.

David Loredo
Albert Duran

David Loredo

David Loredo, a Veteran of World War II, has seven years' experience working with transitioning and disabled veterans. He serves as President and Association Chairman of Legacy Beyond Valor.

Benjamin Duran

Benjamin Duran, a Veteran, has 37 years' experience in Network Management. He serves as Network Manager and Association Chairman for Legacy Beyond Valor.

Albert Duran

Albert Duran, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, has spent 35 years working with transitioning and disabled Veterans. He serves as Network Developer and Association Chairman with Legacy Beyond Valor.
Shannon Duran Martinez
Wendy Leonard Webmaster

Shannon Duran Martinez

Shannon Duran Martinez has 16 years' experience in the field of Marketing. She serves as Marketing Coordinator for Legacy Beyond Valor.

Wendy Leonard

Wendy Leonard spent 35+ years in Legal offices and has been designing websites and performing website SEO for 20 years. She is not a Vet herself, but comes from a family of Veterans. She is an expert in Microsoft Office, Writing, Web Design and Creation. She serves Legacy Beyond Valor as Webmaster and Blog Writer.