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The mission of The Legacy Beyond Valor association is to establish Scholarship Programs for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are actively working on a Graduate Degree Program in one of the fields experiencing critical workforce shortages (science, technology, engineering, math and medical). In consideration of the existing Scholarship Programs that are flooded with deserving applicants increasing the competition for the available funds, and that availability cuts out several deserving applicants as these Veteran Scholarships would increase the number of Graduate Degrees, being completed. These scholarships would be funded by grants from other local non-profit organizations to strengthen their communities by investing in the targeted fields, and volunteerism would bring the American Society closer while the businesses in those communities will maximize the effectiveness of our national infrastructures’ components. The scholarships would support the schools that the Veterans, choose which would increase registration, hiring professors, and bridge the gap between the public and private sectors by filing critical workforce shortages with Veterans. The institutes of higher learning will have an influx of goal oriented, dedicated, and motivated individuals with a rare opportunity to share their perspective with their class mates. Beyond Valor, would provide support for each organization that becomes involved in any way by offering a grant as described above, and the Scholarship Program, would have a Financial and Social impact within these Institutes of Higher Learning.

The Veterans would have to agree to volunteer to work at two non-profit fund raisers in support of their community activities, or one fund raiser and possibly transport a Cancer patient to their doctor’s appointment to fulfill an obligation to help someone in need out. This will maximize the effectiveness of our National Infrastructure which will generate a positive Business environment, and the housing, automobile, healthcare, credit card, banking industries increase consumer and investor confidence.